"You know, I really enjoy forgetting. When I first come to a place, I notice all the little details. I notice the way the sky looks. The color of white paper. The way people walk. Doorknobs. Everything. Then I get used to the place and I don't notice those things anymore. So only by forgetting can I see the place again as it really is."

David Byrne

True Stories


"...and if I ever went solo my favorite MC would be me."

Phife Dawg

Midnight Marauders



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Award Tour
A T 7

1. A new ball of cedar leaves is hung outside of the brewery to announce that sake has been made.

2. The sake is filtered.

3. The sake is pasteurized and matured to round the flavor and enhance its aromatics.

4. The sake is bottled and ready to be enjoyed.


1. A pattern is marked along the cloth.

2. The cloth is pinched with the fingers along the pattern lines.

3. The cloth is folded into pleated bands along the pattern lines.

4. (Step 3 Cont.)

5. The bands are created only a few centimeters wide, extending from selvage to selvage of the cloth. Each section of the pleated cloth is folded in different directions to allow for a meandering pattern.

6. The cloth is wrapped counterclockwise around a cylinder.

7. The cloth is bound to the cylinder with each section bound separately.

8. The indigo dye is prepared.

9. The bound cloth is dyed.


1. The cloth is dampened slightly and pushed up from the underside by the left index finger.

2. The shaped cloth is caught on the hook and the index finger is removed.

3. The cloth is pulled taut on the hook, allowing folds to shape on the cloth.

4. With the shaped cloth held firmly in the left hand to hold the folds, the thread is wrapped around the cloth.

5. The thread is bound around the fabric evenly until it reaches the top near the hook. The thread is then brought back to the base by making several turns around the bound cloth.

6. The thread is not cut, but is continued onto the next shaped part of the cloth.

7. The indigo dye is prepared.

8. The bound cloth is dyed.

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